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Mystic Dreams

Mystic Dreams

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Crafted with meticulous precision, this exquisite ring features a hexagon-cut sandstone. The sandstone is cradled by a sterling silver rose gold band, a seamless blend of strength and grace.

A symphony of light dances across the surface of the sandstone, showcasing its intricate layers and unique patterns. To accentuate its allure, cubic zirconia stones are delicately set along the sides of the band, mimicking the brilliance of stars in the night sky. These sparkling stones draw the eye and add a touch of celestial magic to the design.

The hexagon shape, a symbol of harmony and balance, resonates with the ring's overall aesthetic, capturing the essence of both the natural world and the fantastical. With its enchanting combination of sandstone's timeless beauty, CZ stones' celestial shimmer, and the intricate rose gold detailing, the  Mystic Dreams Ring is a wearable work of art that will transport you to a realm of wonder with every glance.

Please note that sandstone is a delicate stone. It can crack or chip with a hard impact. Avoid rough handling to ensure its longevity. While delicate, its distinctive appearance and character make it a captivating choice for those who appreciate its exquisite fragility.

 It's important to note that plating can wear off gradually over time with regular use. Factors such as frequency of wear, exposure to moisture, and contact with chemicals can contribute to this natural process. 

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