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Shadow Warrior Ring

Shadow Warrior Ring

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Discover timeless strength and rugged elegance with our 8mm Hammered Black Textured Tungsten Carbide Ring. The exquisite hammered texture adds a captivating dimension, capturing both the essence of nature's raw beauty and modern sophistication.

Meticulously crafted from tungsten carbide, renowned for its exceptional durability, this ring is more than a symbol – it's a testament to lasting commitment. Tungsten carbide's unparalleled resilience ensures your ring remains unblemished, resisting the tests of time and daily wear. As strong as your bond, this ring is a fusion of style and substance, reflecting your enduring love and unwavering partnership.

*Ring boxes sold separately*

Care instructions to ensure the longevity and beauty of your matte black tungsten carbide ring:

Regular Cleaning: Gently clean your ring with mild soap and warm water. Use a soft brush to remove dirt or debris from any textured areas. Avoid harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, and ultrasonic cleaning machines, as they can damage the finish.

Avoid Impact:  While tungsten carbide is highly durable, it's not immune to impacts. To prevent chips or scratches, avoid hitting your ring against hard surfaces.

Storage: Store your ring separately from other jewelry to prevent potential scratching. Consider using a soft cloth or a jewelry pouch for protection.

Everyday Wear: Tungsten carbide rings are resistant to tarnishing, but prolonged exposure to chemicals like chlorine can affect their finish. It's advisable to remove your ring before swimming in pools, hot tubs, or exposing it to household cleaning agents.

Physical Activities: Although durable, it's a good idea to remove your ring during intense physical activities or heavy lifting to prevent accidental damage.

Resizing: Tungsten carbide rings are difficult to resize due to their hardness. Ensure accurate sizing before purchasing to avoid potential issues later.

Polishing: While matte finishes are less prone to scratches, over time, they might develop a slight sheen from natural wear. You can maintain the matte look by using a specialized tungsten carbide polishing cloth.

Professional Cleaning: For a thorough cleaning and maintenance, consider having your ring professionally cleaned by a jeweler experienced with tungsten carbide.

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